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AL 24h Challenge 2011 (Prep)

  1. AzureDark
    I passed up doing it this summer due to unforeseen circumstances, which means we're gonna do this sometime in early December. Any other suggestions? I'll talk to Kaitou to see if he can put up exclusive prizes.
  2. animeyay
    I say we gauge some interest first.
    I'll bet many lyrics submitters don't even know of this event, but I see potential in some of them (such as mewpudding)

    and of course, I am allowed to participate if we do hold one, right? XD
  3. AzureDark
    Of course.

    Last year we put up a notice on the front page, sure had everyone going for it. We now have FB too, so in terms of notification we're already in good stead.
  4. mewpudding101
    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... That just made my day! (Well, it's night in Hawaii, but still). Thanks animeyay! I feel the fuzzies! Sure, I'll submit... But of course, I'm in Hawaii, so that's a 6 hour time difference... Are you sure we can't do it in the end of December so that it matches up with Christmas holiday? That way I'll have more time, and also be on a closer time zone. ^ ^;
  5. AzureDark
    Oh yea, this is the old thread, read up the rules there.
  6. mewpudding101
    Oh goodie. But still, it'd be great if it matched up with break... Maybe a weekend?
  7. AzureDark
    Yes of course we're doing it on a Sunday.
  8. mewpudding101
    Sunday?!?!?! But...! But...! School, next day...! Awawawa...
  9. AzureDark
    That doesn't mean you won't finish before bedtime...
  10. marvelangga
    yeah Azu-nii, mew's right, make it after the finals~~ xDD
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