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Halo Reach

  1. Daenerys
    Who's excited for it?
  2. Daenerys
    Now I update my question; Who's playing it?
  3. TheAsterisk!
    I've played it. After a few times through, I find myself missing the older games.
    There's nothing wrong with the gameplay, but Bungie managed to tick off a bunch of the guys like me with the storyline. Long story short, the Pillar of Autumn's presence on the surface screws up loads upon loads of the previously canon supplemental materials, and there's no clear solution to the mess it made. All of us who like(d) Halo for the plot are in a nerd-rage now.

    Forge World is pretty nifty, though.

    Nothing on XBOX Live for me, sadly; I've only a silver account and my DSL is probably a tad too slow anyway.
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