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Which character do you like most???

  1. vIvIeY_zErO
    I like all the guardians...
  2. nekoyumechan
    i would have to say Miki would be my favorite being that im the artistic type and being that she's so cute x3 i like her most
  3. Uta-chan~
    Jeez I like them all! XD
    Haha I like Amu, Yaya, Kukai out of the guardians and of course I love Ikuto! ^_^
    I always thought Kukai and Yaya would get together (lol) but him and Utau make a good match ^^
    Out of the Chara, I like Ran the best. Su is cute too ~ I love her little apron and baking is a hobby I've always wanted to be good at haha
  4. 박숴밍
    Utau is my favorite character...
  5. Nodoka LaMei
    Nodoka LaMei
    Tie between Amu, Utau, and Miki.
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