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  1. Kaitou+
    What is Wolf? (Or also known as Mafia or Witchhunt)

    Wolf, a game which is played by a group of people, each playing the role of either a murdering Wolf member or an innocent townsperson, along with a game moderator who hosts it. At the beginning of the game, known as a ''Day phase'', the moderator generally allows players to discuss who may be the most suspected as a Wolf scum (a lynch is usually rare in the beginning as their are no clues that lead to a suspected player).

    After the Day Phase has ended, the moderator will announce that the phase that comes subsequently after the Day Phase, known as the ''Night Phase'' will take place. This is when any discussion is prohibited, and when players with special roles get a chance to take action. Both ''townies'' and ''Wolf's'' will use their actions and send the name of a desired person they have targetted to the moderator.
  2. Kaitou+
    After these actions have been collected by the moderator, they will then announce that the Night Phase has ended, and the game concurrently shifts back to the Day Phase. With this, the moderator will type up what is known as a ''Write-up'', which are multiple stanza's explaining the results of the previous night actions (the actions taken in by the Moderator). Depending on the moderator, subtle clues will be incorporated in these write-ups to allow the townies to correlate it with someone in which they suspect. After everyone has casted a vote on the most suspicious player, they will be ''lynched'' which is a default action in the Wolf game that kills them.

    The game will continue with the aforementioned stages, until eventually one team will win and they will be announced the winners of the Wolf Game.
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