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New IS request thread

  1. Archaic Devices
    Archaic Devices
    With the current IS request thread getting so full, caret will be making a new thread. Any takers willing to do requests?
  2. Yukari
    I am recently new to this group. I've been on and off AF for years and I've been working with PS for 4 years now. For some reason I can't post in the thread, but I would like to be a sig maker if possible.
  3. Archaic Devices
    Archaic Devices
    I'll add you, Yukari :3
  4. Bulf
    To post in the forum, post in the discussion "New Members" and Flash will give you permission.
  5. Yukari
    Thanks and I PMed FlashD. I am able to post in the forum now. :3
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