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season 2 possibilities

  1. danman794
    As we all know the ending on the anime version of soul eater was awful and i want a redo...I have been seeing all over that there is a possibility of them redoing soul eater like they redid FMA brotherhood and just following the manga closely the second time...It has also been heard that the author of soul eater has said he would like to do a second season...i think that once the manga is nearing its close we will see a possible season 2 or redo of the soul eater anime...its obvious that there are no garuntees when it comes to a season 2 because it looks like if it happens it may be a fairly long way out...I think there is a very good chance this will happen and a 99% chance that they will have OVAs if this does not happen because lets be honest we all hated the ending and a great anime cant end so poorly with 0 closure.

    Tell me what you think of the ending and what you think of the possibiity of a season two is ike i mentioned
  2. blackstar97
    right on
  3. chinooji
    I also agree that the ending to the Soul Eater anime sucked,and they didn't even explain or answer the important questions we had. So I think a possibility of them redoing it is high.
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