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Favorite K-ON! songs?

  1. azunyan
    My favorite songs are-
    Tenshi ni Fureta Yo!
    Fude pen, ball pen
    Gohan wa Okazu
    No Thank You!
    Fuwa Fuwa Time
    Utauyo! Miracle
  2. Rusty Blade
    Rusty Blade
    I think the songs Mio sings were often better, like Don't Say Lazy, No Thank You! and Singing! They are definitely my favourites since the guitar parts are more fun to play (I'm trying to learn to play all the K-ON! songs on guitar), but Tenshi ni Fureta Yo deserves a special mention ever since I unwittingly cried when I first heard that song in the anime. Also Ritsu has a surprisingly lovely singing voice in that song and aside from her character songs it's the only time she ever sang.
  3. Harutsubomi-chan
    My favorite songs are the movie ending and Tsubasa wo kudasai.
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