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What kind of soul reaper would you be

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  1. The_Angry_Princess
    If you had a choice in the matter what kind of soul reaper would you be and what kind of sword would you use for a battle?
  2. Kagome
    I wouldn't be...I'd be better suited for a Quincy~
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    Captain and have two zanpakuto (like Shunsui and Ukitake) that have powers of lighting (make sense)
  4. juanhulk
    A human with the powers of soul reaper and my zanpakuto would be a long kantana with the power to dense up spirture enger to a very small but power full blast and banki would be a clamore with the ablite of rasing my power by 100% times my reguler power.
  5. nekoyumechan
    i would be a lieutenant ,
    like Yachiru Kusajishi,
    cute yet fierce,
    small but strong,
    you get the idea :3
  6. Hachisuka Goro
    Hachisuka Goro
    I'd want a zampacuto that can materialize, heal, fight, and have an inner hollow of its own.
  7. VoidMoon
    Quiet and gloomy? Yay... '>_> With a bankai that is Very loud.
  8. Kentaro Kurosaki
    Kentaro Kurosaki
    I'd Rather be like Chad "Yasutora Sado"
  9. soifong_fan
    a zanpakuto that had dark powers haha lol
  10. Spydermonkey
    i would be a vizard my zanpakuto's name would be true darkness, i would be able to utilize the power of all shadows, my main attack would to use several shadows to lock you in place than I would have shadow spikes to kill, i would be like urahara never releasing my zanpakutos true power and only use little attacks and my skills to fight
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