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What kind of soul reaper would you be

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  1. SuXrys
    I don't know... but I would like to have a similar ability to the one that the arrancar Grimmjow has, but I would like my "power" to be in white tiger instead of a panther. I don't really know why but I have been into this white tiger thing-i for some time now. I would defently want to have a normal looking sword when my bankai isn't realesed - this other "things" just doesn't feel pleasing to me.

    Maybe I would like to be a visard ... but I don't know. I don't want to be living like an outcast so if not something drastical is going to happend with the story then I am just gonna be satisfied with being an normal lieutenant. I would like to be kind, caring, (little lazy...) and being loved by the people around me. Captain I maybe could be thinking about being but at the same time they have alot of responsibility so I think lieutenant is better for now. Maybe it's that lazy part that is kicking in - who knows??
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    i don't know about you guys but i would
    be an arrancar!but i'm not evil.
  3. chinooji
    I didn't have enough room,so this will be in parts 2 parts:3

    I would be a calm shinigami, my zanpakuto's name would be ''call of the blood reaper'', it would be black and red.Around my neck would be a black cross with a read skull in a praying position.In shikai form,it would have two chains forged from the blood of hell wrapped around my arms and katana with two bells at the end of it, while fighting, the bells wouldn't make any noise(giving the illusion of it being broken)but while the bells rang silently, it would destroy your heart and lungs making you bleed internally, while blood came from your nose,mouth,ears,and eyes. And, it could repel any attack, making it 10 times stronger, while reciting verses of the bible like exorcists, to my opponent, weakening their fighting ability and power.The bells wouldn't stop ringing until my target was dead.
  4. chinooji
    At the end of the bells song, your body would be reduced to blood and ash. The blood spilled would be forged into my blood chains, locking their souls to perish in hell forever, and just before my target dies he would be able to hear the end of the bells song, while I would sing a song for their condemned souls"blood reaper,blood reaper,we have a sacrifice,take this soul,for your sins will send you to hell,all eternity you'll remain,for here your blood stays with me, blood reaper,reap the sinners souls and bring them to me".
    (I didn't write anything for bankai, because I would be the type to never show my ultimate power)
  5. Xian Jaguar
    Xian Jaguar
    My zanpakuto would be Kitsune no Tenka and be an ice type sword. My bankai would allow me to take the form of a wolf
  6. ChaosShadow1
    i would be a half soulreaper/espada soul with a zanpaktao called chaos
  7. Reshad
    i`d be a soul reaper with a zanpakutou called fuusetsu maru which is ice and wind element
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