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What do you think about the end of this anime?

  1. Lumi Chan
    Lumi Chan
    I think that should be a third season , because i want to know what happend next , and i would like to know what happend with yuuki and zero T.T ..... but i want to know your opinion...
  2. vIvIeY_zErO
    I agree with Lumi Chan.......
  3. xoxspammy
    i agree too there should be a third season.
  4. MeariChan10
    A third season sounds like fun I reallly hope they make it!!
  5. mimichan1000
    It made me want to see a "proper" ending.
    I just felt so incomplete.
    I still enjoy watching both seasons, hopefully , a 3rd will be made
  6. xoxspammy
    i believe they are actually working on a third season. i read some of the manga at it was pretty good so far but i haven't read alot becuz it was a while ago.
  7. nanachan1
    third season yay but i was sad that yuki stayed with kaname T.T
  8. uchiharyuko
    third season will be good, but i hope yuki stay with kaname and zero stay with me...kyaaa!!!!
  9. 박숴밍
    There won't be a third season, just to let you guys know.... I actually didn't like the ending (at least not anymore)..... It ended too quickly....
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