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favorite thing in Japan?

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  1. xoxspammy
    idk..... i like a lot in japan.... Maybe i like Tokyo and there culture.
  2. RisedDemon
    well i don't know much about Japan but im dieing to learn the language. at least something of it

    i hope that is enough reason to join the Group
  3. TsukiLuna125
    I love Japanese fashion and food. Gothic Lolita is so much fun, whether it's seeing others wearing it, or dressing up in it, it's an awesome style on the Japanese's part. Japanese food like sushi, onigiri, or miso soup is all delicious, and I love to put together bento boxes. Japan also has a really interesting and rich traditional culture and history. And then, of course, there's anime and manga. Pretty much, Japan is awesome.
  4. xoxspammy
    yeah Japan is pretty awesome.
  5. Kagome
    The food, culture and the language. That's what drew me in~<3
  6. xoxspammy
    I'm definitely with you on the food. YUMMY! hahahahaha
  7. VampireKisses287
    I like the beauty of japan. Just the nature its beautiful
  8. *Leila13*
    i like the foooood O.o food is yummy.. =D
  9. cHokoreTo cHan
    cHokoreTo cHan
    I like the beauty of Japan too , the language , food , and manga of course =D
    I also like the songs~ , they are really good to listen ;D
  10. xoxspammy
    you guys, and or girls, are really cool
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