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Video Games

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  1. Meteorkeeper
    Sounds harsh but at least you are doing something you love instead of just wasting your time at some dead end job.
    Best of luck to you.
  2. Elukien
    At the moment you are a amateur but with time, you'll become professional soon or later.
    That does sound harsh or at least that it was it seems.
  3. aether
    Soon the roles will change and you shall be the credit taking one
  4. Meteorkeeper
    I have been playing a lot of Tera recently I was surprised at how good it is.
  5. aether
    I've been getting back into Simcity 4 and its sooo much fun
  6. Elukien
    Been playing Timesplitters 2 again. My god! I forgot how good it was and its oddly enough easy.
  7. aether
    I thought that timesplitters 2 was insanely hard in places especially the story on hard god thats near impossible at points.

    Also I've been modding my sims 3 and now I can make my sims kill each other without the need of locking them in a room
  8. ACBlackJ0ck
    I really want to play Borderlands 2 and Skyrim again!
  9. aether
    Then why don't you?
    Or has the console you originally have it on die?
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