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Video Games

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  1. Disconnected Outsider
    Disconnected Outsider
    I'm playing Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage from the beginning again. I love this game!! XD Exploding bodies, martial arts, insane strength, crazy violence and blood, spirit auras, it's like.. I dunno, I'd say DBZ on steroids, but that doesn't even touch its level of pure carnage. Even though I already made that steroid reference once already. lol ^^''
    I'm still on Chapter 1 for Kenshiro, obviously, since I haven't unlocked anyone else yet except for Dream Mode. But I want all of the Character Biographies in the Gallery before I do that mode. Which I can only get by beating Kenshiro's Legend mode. >< Even though he's pretty cool to play as. xD Fighting this game on Normal Mode from the start can be a real pain. Hard Mode will probably spark up a lot of swearing at the TV. lol ^^','
  2. Meteorkeeper
    I watched the anime but I dident know there was a game...might be worth a look.
  3. aether
    Never even heard of it to be honest
  4. Meteorkeeper
    The anime was ok it did one of thouse clif hanger ending I hate but the rest was ok.
  5. aether
    Fair enough, nothing to sing and dance about though I'm guessing?
  6. Meteorkeeper
    Yup thats about right.
  7. aether
    Ok then fair enough
  8. Disconnected Outsider
    Disconnected Outsider
    Oh, MK, about the game, it's also got a Dream Mode with essentially 'What If' stories for the different characters. And in Legend mode (the mode you play through the original story) you can play as Raoh, Rei, Mamiya and Toki. Obviously Kenshiro too. ^^ It's a pain to unlock Raoh in Dream and Legend modes though. lol You have to beat everyone else's stories in that mode to get Raoh for that mode first. ><! My 2nd favorite character is Rei, trying to find his sister and fighting for revenge. Probably because I've got a sister. lol Or because of some other reason that I haven't figured out yet. ^^''
  9. Meteorkeeper
    I am completely addicted to Dark Soles it has been a long time since I have been this into a game.
    I can’t wait till I get home. ^^
  10. Sighanide
    I love most PC games.
    terrible with consoles, probably why I don't have one.
    I am an Amateur game designer, that goes from team to team, making games.
    fun, but sometimes you have to dress up in fancy suites and go to meetings in large skyscrapers with teams that basically hand you some pictures, have you make a game out of it and then take credit for it.
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