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Video Games

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  1. Simphoni
    I can't fly and I don't have the magic to stop a critical move and make that dome thing appear
    I also can't come on from a far range in the air.................SUCKS!!!

    U know when u can stop a move by attacking at the same time??
    I only have enough skill to stop 3 of those...........SUCKS!!!!

    I also only have enough skill to make a move worth 2
    In the video it's worth 4!! I also can't come in from that far away a distance!!.................SUCKS!!!!!
    But, I'll try harder now!!

    So how have my boys been?? :P
  2. aether
    Well I got Driver San Fransico today and its actually quite good
  3. Simphoni
    Does it have to do with cars??
  4. aether
    Yup ^^
    You are a police detective trying to catch a natorious criminal
  5. Meteorkeeper
    I always enjoyed Final attack phoenix and another good one was mimic knights of the round good stuff.
  6. Disconnected Outsider
    Disconnected Outsider
    It's been so long that I can't really remember the materia combos I used. lol At least except that other one I mentioned. I more or less just woke up so :P
    Just started up Disgaea on Saturday though. I see where they got the idea for Soul Nomad & the World Eaters. It's also by NIS America after all. ^^ But I'm still creating characters in Disgaea and levelling them up, didn't beat Vyers yet. lol ^^''

    Oh, and hey Simph! ^^
  7. Elukien
    Well I've been playing pkmn white now. Only because a couple of my friends have started playing it too.
    Its kinda awesome but sad at the same time as we've now dedicated a table to playing pokemon ^^
  8. aether
    I'm not that keen on it too be honest
  9. Meteorkeeper
    I kind of want to play pkmn again now lol.
  10. aether
    If I am to replay pokemon it'll be the older ones
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