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Video Games

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  1. Meteorkeeper
    Lol they would pull something like that wouldn't they...just imagine there reactions lol.
  2. aether
    Yup ^^ Would be most interesting
  3. Simphoni
    Hey guys!! ^^

    I wanna talk about Kingdom Hearts 2!!
    I don't know if u guys have spoken about it yet though.................
    I still wanna talk about it though...........Any-one willing?? ^^
  4. aether
    I haven't played any of the kingdom hearts games to be honest so I really don't know anything about them
  5. Meteorkeeper
    They were not bad considering they were working with Disney I was very plesently surprised.
  6. Elukien
    I only know a little bit when it comes to Kingdom Hearts but not the second one. Though I don't play it, I just help my sister out when she needs it.
  7. Simphoni
    It is really fun!!
    I'm stuck at Hollow Bastion
    Where I have to fight Sephiroth

    It's sooo hard!!
    He's got 11!! Mp's
    I only defeat 3 of them beford being killed!!
    It's soooooooo hard!!
  8. Meteorkeeper
    The battle system and flow was good the story and game feel were also pretty good I definitely give it my stamp of approval.

    Ya that battle was a hard one:

  9. Elukien
    Well you didn't think that Sephiroth would be easy now, did ya?
    I haven't seen much of the game but I can recognise that its a good game, for young or exprienced.
  10. Meteorkeeper
    Indeed the harder enemies take quite alot of skill and know how to beat as you can see but it can also be fun for less experienced players as well.
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