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Video Games

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  1. Elukien
    Anyway, I've started playing Final Fantasy XIII as a friend let me borrow it. Haven't really played it for that long but I quite like it. The combat is fluent but a tad pain and the characters names aren't that great. Not sure why people are complaining so much about it.
  2. Meteorkeeper
    ...really not only dose the combat get excessively complicated and yet somehow boring near the end the characters and story are poorly designed and strait up annoying.
    The game itself is unbelievably linear both in a game play sense and in a physical one you literally walk down a strait hallway the whole game.
    The only thing that game had going for it is how pretty it was, it is a stain on the good name of Final Fantasy.

    Ok I feel better now...sorry lol.
    Even if I think it is complete garbage I am happy to see someone can enjoy it. ^^
  3. aether
    Never played it to be honest so I can't really comment
  4. Elukien
    I find the combat rather easy to keep up with though it reminds me of FF X-2. Well I haven't got that far so I can't say right now.
    Yea thats true but you've also got to think about the detail put into the game. Not just the storyline and character depth but the artistic work into clothing, walls, and anything else. Also, the music doesn't sound to bad ether. Its only a stain because everyone had high expectations of the game, I don't ^^

    Ah what can I say? I enjoy most video games.
  5. aether
    Thats good ^^
  6. Meteorkeeper
    I never said it wasn’t pretty because it certainly is but I would have traded in all that for a half way decent story.
    I am assuming you haven’t gotten to the part where you find out about Snows past and it goes into a very long and painful flashback *shivers* man that was bad. (god I hate that guy)
    The music was pretty decent though I had little to complain about there.
    It's a stain because its really bad but I am just repeating myself now I am glad you like it lets see if you can continue to enjoy it all the way threw if so kudos to you sir.
  7. Elukien
    Well, you can't be a fan of every game that a game company produces. They might have a good run with games in the past but all good things must come to end.
    I don't think I'll get that far in as my attention span is short.
  8. Meteorkeeper
    I see I tend to have the same problem for a game to hold my attention till the end it either needs to be really good or so bad that I need to finish it so I have the maximum to complain about latter lol.
  9. Elukien
    I usually lose my attention for a game when I get halfway, if its good I continue playing but if not then its just gonna collect dust.
  10. Meteorkeeper
    I trade in the games I cant bring myself to finish.
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