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Video Games

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  1. Elukien
    I'm sure there has been some games that you have played and really want to talk about it. Now here's your chance.

    So basically we just talk about video games that we have enjoyed over the years or would like to play and why etc.
  2. Meteorkeeper
    I am getting into the MMO Eden Eternal as of late.
    It's pretty addicting.
  3. Elukien
    Tell me about.
    I like the whole change your class whenever you want part, it's a very nice feature.
  4. aether
    I'm still addicted to fallout new vegas, yesterday I even downloaded a pip-boy theme for my ps3 and I can't wait to be able to download the next exciting expansion set
  5. Elukien
    You do like those Fallout games.
  6. aether
    Indeed so and I was just playing the sims 3, I accidently killed one of my sims whilst trying to tinker with the cd player to upgrade it but it caught fire and everyone else in the house was flailing around being scared of the fire whilst the sims was on fire and then she burnt to the ground. Remarkably the cd player was fine through all this but now I've revived the sim so at least she's a ghost and she has her old job back as being a scientist. What a whacky world they live in eh?
  7. Elukien
    It's the sims, their lives are always gonna be whacky.
  8. aether
    You got that right ^^ Kinda like anime
  9. Elukien
    Except anime is way better and unique.
  10. aether
    Indeed and now only if there was an anime sims
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