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Video Games

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  1. aether
    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about
  2. aether
  3. Meteorkeeper
    Will do ^^

    Oh the open beta for Dragon Nest is out I have been playing it all day it's pretty darn fun you guys should give it a look:
  4. aether
    oh no no no I dislike those types of games in which you have to download to play I've had one too many problems with those before
  5. Meteorkeeper
    Oh that's a shame...if you stick to that you will be missing out on a lot of fun later on.
  6. aether
    Nahhh I got plenty of other games to pass the time with
  7. Meteorkeeper
    Well whatever works for you I guess.
  8. aether
    Absolutely ^^
  9. Elukien
    Oh I forgot about that but European plays can't play Dragon Nest as Nexon is Anti-Euro.
    Though I have played the demo for it and it was pretty fun even though it was all in Japanese.

    I like those games which you have to download in-fact they are the type of games that I play the most.
  10. Meteorkeeper
    That stinks it's a ton fun.

    Same here cant get enof of the stuff.
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