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Video Games

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  1. Meteorkeeper
    Well you can be very happy about that then. ^^
    Your little friend had no regrets right up until the end.

    Oh and Ensifer if you can figure out how to get that game to work let me know.
    No matter what I do I just cant get it to work.
  2. aether
    Its just so sad that he was so weak and frail in his final moments.
    The vet said he barely had any muscle left and said it was the right thing to do. His cremation is tommorow, why wouldn't you eat Jakey?
  3. Meteorkeeper
    It's just something animals do when they know they are on there way out.
    They just stop eating and wait for there time to come it isent your fault it's just the way things go.
  4. aether
    The vet said it could have been a tumour in his bowels making him think that he was full when in actual fact he was starving. Plus if it was cancer it would have gone length ways along rather than bulge
  5. Elukien
    Do you mean to play the game or set it up?
    The controls for the game, they are easy to use but man are some a pain.
  6. aether
    speaking of games I got oblivion today but guess what that doesn't even work. The only thing that I got today that does work is this better how to draw manga book I got
  7. Meteorkeeper
    Hmm Hey Ensifer would you be kind enof to post the link to where you got your version of the game.
    My problem might be because of the places I have gotten mine.

    I download it but when I try to play it, it just crashes on me.
  8. aether
    It could just be that you need to update some programmes on your comp MK
  9. Elukien
    Sure: <-- Heres the main game, hope you got something similar to Daemon Tools or MagicISO. <-- Thats the patch which you must install before you play the game. So install the game first then the patch then play the game.
    Thats what I did.
  10. Meteorkeeper
    I see I never had the patch that must be why thanks Ensifer.
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