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  1. Elukien
    Just don't let that absolute power go to your head. You only get doubt when your actions don't make sense or your followers feel like you aren't doing the right thing.

    I used to that with a friend of mine back in school. He usually challenge me to games like chess and connect 4, usually beat him at them but he did win occasionally.
  2. aether
    absolute power is only achievable when you have everyone agreeing to your ideology on their own terms rather than you forcing them to agree with you. If you force others to agree your no better than a despot leader and that I am not.

    I was like that with my friend except he kept beating me
  3. Elukien
    Glad that you don't force people to agree with you. Even though people may agree on your goal they might not agree on your methods on achieving it.

    Lol, I wish I could play games like chess again with friends however most friend that I know don't play it or they won't.
  4. aether
    Unfortuantly my methods will be extreme and if they don't like it then tough they arn't the ones who came into power.

    Most mine are too busy with uni stuff these days
  5. Elukien
    You are only as powerful by the loyalty and number of people under your command.

    Yea uni does that. At some point, I'm gonna go to uni.
  6. aether
    Indeed so.

    This would be the theme I use for when I take control

    Well on the 21st of this month I'll be off to enrolement
  7. Elukien
    Nice, I can imagine that. Kinda fits in perfectly.

    On the the 12th of this month I start college. Man is college gonna drain me, roughly 11 hours away from home each day for five days.
  8. aether
    How long does it take you to get there?
    For me to get to my uni it takes 2 hours
  9. Elukien
    It takes about two hours to get there. Half an hour bus ride into town then a 1 and half hour bus ride to college.
  10. Meteorkeeper
    Dang sounds like a pain the most I haft to do is a fifteen minute drive to work...guess I am spoiled.
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