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Comedy club

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  1. aether
    Well I have a figure of the character lol
  2. Meteorkeeper
    lucky I really want to start collecting figures but there just to expensive for me right now.
  3. aether
    Have a check on ebay as they are quite cheap on there if you look around
  4. Meteorkeeper
    Is that right I will haft to give it look then....ya your right there are some real cheap ones there but this one really cought my eye but $120 is a bit to steep.
  5. aether
    Unfortuantly the scale figures will always be more expensive due to the fact that the usually have more detail put into them
  6. Meteorkeeper
    Is that why well I cant help myself now I haft to buy it...there all done...arggg why I do that I have next to no money as it is...I have no self control lol.

    I was looking around some more and I was wondering why is this one so much more expensive it is clearly of lower quality?

    If you haven't figured it out yet I am a big Etna fan lol.
  7. aether
    Hmmm its purely down to the fact that its a scaled figure and plus it can be the character itself that can drive up the prices as well. Such as Miku she may be as common as anything due to the vast amount of figures made but others have been made such as the Race Queen version
    Just look at the price

    Also some comedy
  8. Meteorkeeper
    Jeez you weren't kidding they can get pretty pricy.

    Oh right that's what this thread is for lol.
  9. aether
    Indeed and there are far more expensive ones than those out there

  10. Elukien
    Well to be fair, it is an limited edition and rare so its going to be quite a bit.
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