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Bringing Back Sailor Moon

  1. xBabyxPandax
    I wonder if they would ever bring back Sailor Moon. If I remember correctly it was very popular. Does anyone think that they would bring it back for a month just because?
  2. Miss Moonlight
    Miss Moonlight
    No, probably not. I don't want it to come back, it's been done to death with bad dubbing. I'd like to keep the last season the way it is, because stars would be too chopped to crap to even be halfway watchable.
  3. Uta-chan~
    I guess it would be kinda cool! And maybe they could do the next generation thing. But if it turns out like Pokemon and how there's like a gazillion new, strange pokemon and new main characters everytime a season comes out... then that would suck. =_=
    Sailor Moon is definitely still well-loved though ^^
  4. Sapphire-Moon
    big NO, I wish they would though, it was my childhood
  5. Raniyukibrown
    I wish they would sailor moon was my favorite 1st anime, i still remember Darien calling her meatball head(dumpling also)
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