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why do you prefer cats to dogs?

  1. -GAZKUL-
    i have this ongoing argument with my best freind who prefers dogs, basically why cats?
  2. Lumi Chan
    Lumi Chan
    cuz , they are cute , quiet (instead of dogs) and ....... i love them X33
  3. .:neuko:.
    Erm... 'cause their cute, easy to manage, cheaper to look after, less smelly (well, at least they don't have morning dog breath)... oh... and they make a nice purring sound...

    Having said that... I think if one puts the time and effort into it, dogs can make more satisfying pets than cats.
  4. Kagamine Twins
    Kagamine Twins
    i hav 2 cats...cats are adorable X3....and they're smarter than dogs........cats train people...its NOT the other way around...*sweatdrop*
  5. ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    Lol I have the same arguments with my dog-lover friends too xD
    But I prefer cats because they are independent, and there is just something about them.. they're pretty spiritual to me. Something else that I cannot completely explain
  6. Meteorkeeper
    I dont but I still love cats quite a bit.
  7. IceQueen96
    I wuv cats!! They are so cute!
  8. hotair baloon
    hotair baloon
    i love both cats and dogs and l've lived with both of them...what i like about cats is their iiindepedent personality...they will play with you whenever THEY want and they will sleep on your bed either you like it or not despite that ,cats are loving animals and the truth is i never had this strong bond with my dogs even though they do everything to please me,only my cat showed me her love and trust in such a special way <3
  9. SakuraKiss13
    Simply adorable, lovable and cute. Dogs are really scary and tend to jump on you or lick you like the Popsicle you are.
  10. Shibito
    They are sneaky lil things. but they will love you and be fluffy. oh and they will entertain you if you have a laser pointer. Another reason why i love the kitty cats. I can mimic the actual sound of a cat and Baby kitten on point so in a sense I guess I can meow with them and they will under stand me o.o
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