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Conversation Between Shin Natsume and Miss Digital Moonlight

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  1. Hello!! Remember me?
  2. Enjoy your pm.
  3. No one cares. Shut the hell up and stop spamming my profile. Thanks.
  4. I know this is a silly question but on what terms do you think I am on with this forum? Good? Bad?
  5. Haha I get it. It's all silly. I just threw in that father bit because I thought it happened after he passed. Not before. That part is mostly irrelevant. Anyway I'm done with this mess, for tonight.
  6. Actually wow. That did happen a year ago... Three days before my father died. I've lost track of time these days because of that. And thats the end of all of this. If they have a problem, they can pm me.
  7. Yea, like I said, YOU are the only one who came in that thread wanting to start trouble, and others mocked you. Logic is apparently not your strong suit.
  8. It wasn't just me. Check the threads. Logic would tell you that everyone involved must pay.
  9. " I'm just leaving this at that and hope I don't get banned in the morning. If I get banned, then so should all the others that fanned the flame."

    So ... other people need to pay for YOUR douchery? sorry, don't think so.
  10. Yea we get it, you don't like her. Now stop being a douche.
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