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Conversation Between Wio and Catokun

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  1. Yeah. Well, basically it's a year to 'learn in a different kind of way'. Its a chance to do things you wouldn't normally have the time or opportunity to do in other years.
  2. What is a transition year? Does it mean you don't have to study that much?
  3. Heh, since I'm in transition year, not much. Last year was important and I had to study a good bit because I had my Junior Certificate (important exam taken at end of year). Mostly watch anime or video games. A good bit of swim training too.
  4. What do you do on weekends?
    For this weekend I need to get a birthday present for someone and do some other chores. It's really nice living on my own though.
  5. Oh ....awkward...Haha, yeah same here, glad school only runs on weekdays. I cant handle more then 5 days at a time of it.
  6. Actually I was talking in general.
    I'm happy that the weekend has started. It's nice having all that free time to just chill out.
  7. I'm just trying to get to know her a bit more so far, small talk. Nothing drastic.
  8. How is it going?
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