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Conversation Between Wio and Sighanide

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  1. Well I know I'm twenty-ish, but I haven't been keeping track of my age much because I don't care that much and typically don't need to know it. I mean I guess it's 23 right now. Anyway, I'm looking for any sort of tech job I suppose but I'm expecting some programming job.
  2. Ye, sir, it is serious, and I don't think Mario is 22 xD
    You don't remember your own age? Either your a bit to carefree, an amnesiac, or a generally old person (because they tend to forget/stop caring/don't want to know)
    I'm also american, so I'm Italian-American, I guess. Looking for a job? What kind?
  3. Are you serious, or is this a Mario joke?

    I'm American, don't quite remember my age but I'm sure you can find it on my profile. I'm looking for a job.
  4. Technically, it can start people's hearts after they've stopped, and that's its primary function xD
    S, I guess that I should go first? Um, I'm Italian, I'm 22, I'm single, and I hate where my job taken me :/
  5. Looking it up on Wikipedia... which says it's for people who have a certain heart condition I don't have.
    So I really don't want one.
  6. Oh, well, would you like a defibrillator?
  7. Umm for the most part. Not much to do here.
  8. Is that a yes?
  9. You dead?
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