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Conversation Between Zainox and SexyPikachuGaru28

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  1. Always a good thing!

    Yeah, my friends are moving out at the end of the year to buy their own home and build their family. So I need to try and find a place of my own before then or I could potentially be homeless.
  2. I've been good... Makeing new friends here and all,you know the usual -u-
    Oh,your moving out of your house,My dear Friend?? o-0
  3. hello, hello. Slow, very slow. But then again I've been very busy. Needing to move out soon, so I've been house hunting. Plus I was hit up with several birthday parties and a couple of friends who needed help moving themselves. I've been kept busy. xD

    How have you been? :3
  4. haroo there my friend whats new with you? how is that japanese going? ;DDDD
  5. I can try, but it would be hard. I'm at the very beginning too other than the little bits I know thanks to anime.
  6. How lucky! I was planing to do that to! Do im not learning japanese.. .:/
    You said you where learning!!! Can you teach me My friend Zainox, I would really love tongo to Japan and talk japanese one day and make animes... Thats my bigest dream
  7. Heyo! Welcome back! Nothing really interesting happens with me, I'm boring like that. :P
    I did start learning Japanese, but it was literally a few days ago when I started. I plan to go to uni to get a degree in teaching so I can go to Japan to teach English. :3

    What's new with you? Where you been?
  8. Haro my friend! Whats new?
  9. They are goooood! Do you have a 3DS?

    Sounds interesting enough. :P
  10. I know! D: I want them so badly! *sniff sniff*
    oh mystery dungeon is about that your a Pokémon and you've got to save Pokémons from danger!...its like "your chance to be a hero" kinda game
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