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Conversation Between Zainox and Rikinana

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  1. alrighty :3
    Page 1:
    Page 2
    page 3
    Page 4

    well just go to my gallery if you want to read more. The story is in the comments, page 14 is labeled as Donny's Adventure.

    Just Click on the visitor message.
  2. That's fine, I don't mind them. :P
    I have Adobe Reader, just link me or something and I shall check it out then! ;3
  3. well there might be some yoai scenes in one of my comics. They cn be interesting scenes in the comics though. Anyways I have a comic on deviantart. You have to have adobe reader on your computer, since it is a PDF file.
  4. Weird, how? Still, I am interested to read them. :P
  5. Well my comics are kinda weird, but I will be happy to show you some of my comics.
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