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Conversation Between Zainox and artimiss

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  1. have been really busy, my store just relocated, everything is new, my schedule is a mess and I was stuck in new jersey last week because of the weather.
  2. Hello, welcome back! How things since we last talked?
  3. just wanted to drop in and say hello
  4. Oh, that sounds cool. I've personally never been to one. I don't think there are many down my way.
    Did you enjoy it?
  5. I just went and saw a play at a dinner theatre
  6. Oh, wow. Lucky! Where did you go? My mates actually just went for a trip. They went for some cruise around the world, stopping at exotic islands. Now I have the house to my self. :3
  7. doing good, just got back from a trip
  8. Hey hey! o/
    How you going? :3
  9. hey there
  10. forever blonde ^^
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