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Conversation Between Zainox and Sympathy

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  1. I've been on and off looking since October last year and only had 1 interview. Though I could be trying harder and I'll definitely have to now.

    Indeed, I'll keep trying. Thanks man! I'll pretty much apply for anything if it gives me a job at this rate.
  2. damn, that bites homie. you'll want to start job searching now then just in case. i don't know if this site works in Australia but is what i always used. lists pretty much every job in your area, or you can refine your search for something specific.

    2 days a week does suck, unless you're pulling 12 hour shifts but even then it's hardly worthwhile. i'm sure you can find something better. a lot of people get discouraged when they don't get a job within a week of searching, but i've found that there are a lot of jobs out there if you're determined. gas stations seem to have a high turnover rate, for example, i've gotten several interviews at various ones in my area. just don't give up, persistence pays off.
  3. Yeah, pretty much. My job is looking to be void soon, so I'm guessing they'l sack me soon enough.
    I do construction. We have kids come in who are learning and work on a house and it's my job to fix their mistakes. I was never a proper tradesman though and it seems they now want people with experience. It's only 2 days a week, so it's pretty crap anyway. But a jobs a job.
  4. are they looking to cut you loose? i got lucky as far as jobs go, the factory i work at has a super high turnover rate and they'll let anyone in, good job security and a lot of hours. it's a contract job though, i've got a year and five months left on mine.

    what do you do?
  5. Damn! I hope all goes well.

    Eh, my life has it's ups and down. Despite the shit weather and the fact my position in work is no longer looking good, everything is fine. I wouldn't mind a change of job to be honest, but the problem is getting another one.. :/
    Apparently we're nearly up to 8% unemployment in the state I live in and over 80% of that is in the area I live in. So it's not looking good.

    But I do well looking past the bad. I'm happily content with just chilling to games and anime in my spare time to keep me going.
  6. rep*
  7. i didn't get red but that's cool.

    the injury is just as bad as it's ever been, my shoulder is permanently dislocated. but my surgery is in 6 days so i don't mind. i'm anxious to have it over with.

    how are things with you bro?
  8. Did you get a rep for your FUS RO DAH post? I tried giving it to you, but it acted weird so I dunno if it went through. I tried clicking it to rep you but nothing happened, so I clicked again and it said I already gave you rep. So I dunno...

    But anyway, how's things? Injury any better?
  9. Haha!
    Well, the topics have picked up for a bit. But for how long I wonder.
  10. well i've stopped being an asshole in the introductions forum, maybe that will help... >_>
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