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Conversation Between Zainox and phantom_c

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  1. Never played!? If it's a 360 you can get FFXIII, it's decent but not an overly fantastic one.

    If I go with friends we try to match. My Xanxus cospay was with a big group, it was awesome. We always got attacked for photos. x3
    But I think it's still fun to cosplay something else once in awhile.
    I have a feeling I will have a hard time sewing regardless. :P

    Haha! Yeah, that bit was great! x3
  2. >>
    Hahahahahah, yeah that part was pretty hilarious, I have to admit. I was drinking water and ended up snorting it out of my nose because I suddenly laughed when that happened. LOL I agree that was the funniest one so far, and it was a little less depressing than the other episodes. She is so awkward, telling those boys she was going to go take a dump and they were like...huh? XD
  3. Ah, I don't know either of those characters. I never played Final Fantasy o_o. I feel kind of weird because I know it is super popular, and everyone always talks about it, but I never played. I want to real bad though! But I only have an xbox...

    Yeah, I would probably cosplay if I was going with a friend! But I don't have the courage to go by myself! Do you usually pick a character to match with what your friends are doing, or do people just cosplay as random people and go together?? Ah, I have a sewing machine, but I don't know how to sew either. I don't think it's that complicated though, I think making a pattern seems like the most difficult part or sewing something.

  4. ~:3~

    Digital painting, that is awesome! Yeah I never watch TV anymore, my time between games/anime/youtube is just too time consuming.

    Yeah I watched the newest one, funniest one yet in my opinion. She is just so unlucky it's hilarious. I loved the murderous rant before she finds her umbrella. x3
    I'm just gonna buy and read the manga. Starts coming out really soon.
  5. My first was actually Nausicaa which just happened to be the first movie they made. :P

    I bought it, I was planning to buy one for ages but never did. But my friend announced she wants a onesie party for her birthday, so I thought perfect excuse! x3
    I do want to make a totoro suit cosplay though, but I have no experience with sewing so I'm not sure how I would go.. :/
    I have cosplayed in the past, but they were bought. I have been Xanxus from hitman Reborn and Snow from Final Fantasy 13. I thankfully have a mate who liked anime and cosplay, if I didn't I probably wouldn't do it. It's so fun to go to conventions but it is awkward alone, but it is SO easy to make friends. Everyone is always so nice and making convo is easy since everyone is anime/manga fans. :P

    ~too long~
  6. Ahhh I really loved Princess Mononoke as well, but my favorite is Howl's Moving Castle.The first I ever watched was Kiki's Delivery Service when I was a little kid, and I fell in love. I still haven't watched all movies from Studio Ghibli, though!

    Ahahaha, a Totoro onesie? Did you make it or buy it? I never did cosplay, but it looks so fun! None of my friends are into that stuff though, so I'm kind of shy to go to a convention alone.

    The tablet I bought was really simple and inexpensive, since I only wanted to mess around with it since I'm not really talented. I would like to learn to do digital painting, I think this type of art is so beautiful. I think your idea of doing animations and putting them on youtube is really good. Seriously, I watch so much stuff on youtube, I enjoy it more than watching tv.

    Did you watch the latest episode? So far things are pretty much following the manga series.
  7. Haha! Yeah, I love his crazy laugh. x3
    So many lovable characters in that show.

    I LOVE Studio Ghibli movies. My favourite is Princess Mononoke, but I have a soft spot for Totoro. I actually plan to do a Totoro cosplay next year for my local convention. I also have a Totoro onesie and beanie. << Is a nerdy nerd. xD

    Hmm, anything and everything really. Mostly just ideas for story/manga I would like to create. Some fan art stuff of characters. I am saving for a graphic tablet, I have plans to make animations and put them on youtube, which will be fun.

    I know what you mean, I do find myself feeling sorry for her alot during the series. But I can't help but laugh at some of the stuff she does. x3
    I do think a happy ending would be best, would be too cruel to end on a bad note after all she would of been through. :P
  8. Ahahah, but of course

    Oooohh, I absolutely loved Steins;Gate, Okarin is so awesome.

    Yeah it's from My Neighbor Totoro I really like the movies that come out from Studio Ghibli, they are visually beautiful, and the stories are so nice

    Awww, that's so cool. I really want to be able to draw. I need to practice so that I can be good. I want to draw anime characters too What type of characters do you like to draw? I bought a graphic tablet, it's pretty cool to mess around with

    Yeah, I'm not sure if I love or hate it. I read some of the manga, but seriously it made me feel so awkward! I can't bring myself to laugh at her, I just feel bad lol. Everytime you think something nice will happen for her at last, it goes wrong. The only thing is that she seems somewhat positive about things, so it's not so bad lol. I just really hope it will have a happy ending, or else I will be too depressed hahaha.
  9. Thanks for the add!

    I am fantastic! Have been watching Steins;Gate, it's so good it has me pumped! xD
    Is your profile picture from anything in particular?

    I like to think so, I do draw but not in colour. :P
    I like to draw mostly anime characters, but I can draw alot of things.

    I love that show, though it seems to have a love/hate fanbase. :P
    Haha! why's that? It can be pretty depressing in some scenes, I can't help but feel awkward with her in some scenes. The stuff she gets herself into! x3
  10. Hello hello! Thanks for taking the time to write a message . I'm going OK, how about you? Yeah I really like my profile picture as well. Are you good at drawing?? You like Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui? I've been watching it, but it kind of makes me feel depressed ahaha.
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