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Conversation Between Zainox and Crown Frill

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  1. (~ ' '. )~
  2. Yay! :d
  3. I've added you!~
  4. So cuz! How you going?
  5. Ok, the deed has been done! We are now... COUSINS!
    I added Prince aswell.
  6. Fo shaw! Let's be cousins!
    Samurai Champloo is awesome! The fighting was amazing!
  7. Hi!~ Yes I still want to do it. :> We can be cousins *o* yes.. will get Evan on this.

    And I believe you have asked this before, but I'm still looking....
    I just finished watching samurai champloo this morning!
  8. Heya! Haven't spoke in awhile. :P
    Saw your family post. xD
    I assume you guys still want to stay twins, want to be cousins with me or something? Have an Idea?
    By the way, and I feel I have asked this before. But what is the anime of your profile avatar?
  9. That made me laugh so hard! xD
  10. I went to ninja boarding school, of course it was hard because we couldn't find our hidden teacher most of the time.
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