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Conversation Between Zainox and Baka Saru Roddish-kun

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  1. No prob, I registered.
  2. dude, thanks. yes please ^.^ ive taken on so much and my graphics work is bollocks XD
  3. Yo bro, I commented on your game thingy-ma-bob.
  4. No problem bro. B3

    Math was my worst subject, nothing but bad memories.. *shudders in corner*
  5. thanks for the counterpoint on FTWs blog btw. Opinions online get boring as hell when its just one person paraphrasing/agreeing with the last.

    Choice is good
  6. huh-huh-huh! that was cool!
  7. Hell yeah! lol.
  8. I'll bring crumpets and biscuits. Then it will be a party! \o/
  9. Don't mention it

    no really, don't or my partner will shoot
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