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Conversation Between Zainox and Nunnally Vi Brittania

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  1. Maybe it is the fact that you got American. I guess it doesn't work in certain regions if you don't pick the right stuff. Have you tried it again and put Australia? Maybe that'll work.

    Well, I bought Teemo!! He's frickin cute!!! I love him so much!!!
    Well, for mystery, read a lot of R.L. Stine books,(Sorry don't know many mystery) Fantasy, though, I have. There's Princess of Mirrors, um....Vampire Stalker, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd, Beautiful Creatures. Mummy's Little Girl!!!! Read it, it changes you!!! It's not fantasy or anything, but it's really really good!! As for fantasy stuff, there's the Wind on Fire trilogy (Wind Singer, Slaves of Mastery, Firesong) It won't take you long to find a fave character in that book. Me, I like Kestrel!
  2. It just didn't want to work for me, no matter what I attempted to do. The install just wouldn't finish and it kept finding problems.. My mate says it's because I wasn't supposed to get the American one. But you would think it would still install... It's being very annoying, lol.

    Haha! I had to google it. Adawable indeed! xD
    Painted Man, is soooo good. There are 3 books out so far, I think he plans to release 5. There are also 'side story' books with bits of information of the world and other characters.
    I mostly read fantasy, that's what peeks my interest the most. Maybe some mystery or something? Hit me up with some names? xD
  3. Have you fixed the problem yet? I'm probably gonna try Soraka out sometime later.....

    A short attention span? Sounds like me when I'm around re-ment and stuff....I love those things, so tiny and adorable!! EEEEE! I want one! Omochkaeri!!!
    *Ahem* Sorry about that. I haven't read the Painted Man yet... I could recommend some books. If you like horror, or romance, or drama, I have them all!!
  4. It's ok. I will find a way to fix it! :3

    She looks awesome!

    I'm actually not a much of a reader. I seem to have a short attention span so I struggle to stay focused. I struggle enough to read manga, most of the time I have to force myself to read it. I enjoy manga, but I struggle to read it. xD
    Novels I don't read often. I have read Twilight and The Painted Man. A few others I can't remember, but the number of novels I have read is few. :<
    I actually DO want to read, I just struggle to do so..
  5. Sorry...that's never happened before. Maybe you do have to reinstall it, there may have been something you accidentally deleted while it was being'll be okay when you reinatall it, I'm sure.

    I finally got Soraka!
    So, what kind of stff do you read?
  6. It wont work, it keeps looking for something I was not given.. I've been to busy to do anything about it lately. I will have to try and fix it tomorrow, maybe reinstall it..
  7. What are you talking about? The updating and stuff? Well, if it's what I think you're talking about, I think it's updating your laptop with the stuff it needs to run League. What do you mean by it stuffing up?
  8. what the hell.. During installation it keeps asking for a installation package.. I'm pretty sure I didn't get one. When I skip it the install stuffs up...
  9. No it's free, it's just that some of the champions are really expensive. With just the points you earn in battle, it's not enough to buy some of them. You don't have to pay to play, you just might want to buy a card or two to buy some of the exclusive stuff.
  10. Ohayo! My sleep was good! ^_^
    Thankyou! :3

    I have to pay to play? @_@
    We don't have Walmart here, maybe someplace else sells them here. :P
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