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Conversation Between Zainox and Elezzina

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  1. sorry if I tell you now, but I was a bit busy!:P
    many have told me that the manga is more beautiful^^
    But I don't like to read in general =)
  2. D: That's a shame. I personally prefer the manga. I find it better since it's unedited. Sometimes they can really stuff up the anime's in comparison to the original manga.
    I'm currently moving house, so sorry for the late replies. xD
  3. No, I don't read Manga I watch only Anime ^^
  4. xD

    I'm great!
    Do you read manga?
  5. I'm fine thanks^^
    And you?
    [This is the first sentence that the teachers teach in school]:P
  6. xD
    How are you? :3
  7. Ohaiyo Zainox-kun :P
  8. Ohaiyo Elezzina-chan :3
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