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Conversation Between Zainox and KyouFalls

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  1. Merry Christmas! That cookie is a gift from me to you!
    It's late, but now you can say you got something. :P
  2. Apparently America has picked up the rights to make a Death Note live action. They did have a director in mind but they were asking him to change up the story. I think they wanted to take the shinigami out or something if I remember correctly. The Director said, NO! xD
    Can't remember the directors name though.
  3. Fire benders need a fire source?!?! WHAT! M Night Shyamalan.. smh
  4. Haha! I know right! I mean, how the hell do you get the name wrong! WTF! @[email protected]
    Fire benders were changed too along with the story. Fire benders in the movie needed a source to bend from where in the series it could be make from air. That whole movie gave me the shits. Best thing about it was the CGI.
  5. AVATAR THAT'S IT. Like i never watched the movie cause they got Iroh's pronunciation wrong. Like when they got his name wrong, I literally walked out of the movie theater. I have never watched the movie since.
  6. ~Posted on my own damn page first *facepalm* xD
    It wasn't Twilight, was it? That's the biggest one I can think of. Though, there have been many more. Look at the live action of Avatar: The Last Airbender. They screwed that royally and they had several animated seasons to go from. xD
  7. "movie around a novel, you stay as true to it as possible."

    A book series came into my head that was turned into a film but basically never got anything right. Don't remember what It's called.
  8. I actually liked it despite what people say. I won't say anything incase of spoilers. But the 2nd half did annoy me a bit. I want to read the books though to see how accurately they got to the novels. I heard they dummed down the relationship between the two in the anime for some reason. I suppose to make it more kid friendly? I think though if you plan to base an anime or movie around a novel, you stay as true to it as possible.
  9. I've been watching SAO... I decided to watch the most overrated anime in the world.
  10. Haha! Helloooo~ x3
    Been awhile since we talked. I ended up watching the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic that I saw in your sig awhile back. It was pretty awesome!
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