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Conversation Between Zainox and Jozette

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  1. Pshh I'd rather be a shinagami from like black butler.
  2. lol! Why's that? You get to become a shinagami after you use it. >:3
  3. Hell no.
  4. True, True! So if you had a choice would you pick up and use the Death Note?
  5. I like shinagami Death lords seem awesome!
  6. Indeed, lucky I'm not a pirate then. I prefer ninjas anyway with their stealthy, flippy awesomeness.
  7. Lol I'm good! Pirate talk is hard!!
  8. Argg! Me be alright. How ye be? Argg! *trying to be a pirate* :3
  9. Argg How are ya?
  10. OK then.... O_O
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