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Conversation Between Zainox and BluGru Mitsuo (Tori)

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  1. good, if u wanna talk meet me in the chat room if u want!
  2. Hello, how you going? :3
  3. hey!
  4. lol! hahaha!
  5. YAY! A new friend!
    I just finished watching Wolfs Rain. x3
    I loved it, definitely one of my favourites. The ending was so sad. T_T
  6. oh but u have me though!
  7. Yeah, merely as a friend though. x3
    Ahh ok, would be cool to catch up with her. Comming back after being away, I feel like the people I used to talk to arn't on anymore.. @[email protected]
  8. u like animangachik315?
  9. yea but she is on spring break but she is not on!
  10. I am. :P
    Sorry for late reply, I kinda just got back after being on hiatus.. xP
    Is she still active on the forums? I should send her a pm.
    Nice to meet you! Hopefully we can be friends too. :3
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