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Conversation Between Zainox and Jasanime

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  1. That's fair enough. The only celebrity that's going this year that I've even heard of is Yaya Han. But I'm really just going so I can cosplay :-)
  2. They said it was boring. They weren't interested in any of the celebrities and they didn't like how heavy it was on comic books.
  3. That's a shame. Why didn't they like it? I want to meet Yaya Han!
  4. I'm good!
    Na, not this year. The people I usually go with didn't like it last year and aren't going this year. So I would be alone and not to keen on doing that. :P
    So most likely, unless I find someone last minute, I wont be attending. T_T
  5. I know! I'm so excited :-)
    How are you anyway? Going to Supanova?
  6. I saw you advertised by Shin Tokyo!
  7. Awww... thanks! *blushes*
  8. And as you should be, you seriously look really good as Euphemia.
  9. I found it and replied. :3
  10. Sure is. There's more photos in my cosplay thread. I'm really happy with it :-)
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