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Conversation Between Zainox and Sighanide

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  1. I will have no money now that I'm moving out of home. :P
    Still, the freedom will be worth it. :3
  2. oh, moving house, eh? I envy you, I'm to poor to move house O_O
  3. lol, I'm always trolling people. xD
    I'm currently moving house. :3
  4. I trolled people today. What did you do??
  5. I have a guitar, but I didn't really get into it, so I haven't learnt much. :P
  6. didn't work for me either, Do you play an instrument? I brought in a guitar once.
  7. Tried that, boss didn't approve. :P
  8. I've been there. My Advice: Bring Headphones.
  9. I do register work, and my workplace is very slow.. So my boredom consists of pacing back and forth of the store. It is literally mind murdering boring.. I would kill for a PC to mess with in my spare time. :P
  10. True, Very true.
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