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Conversation Between Zainox and animangachik315

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  1. duh. this place is my life. i couldnt use the computer over spring break and i swear to god i went through withdraw.
  2. Hey, It's been awhile.. :P
    How have you been?
    Hope your still active.. @_@
  3. yeah you better!!
  4. I may have to watch it then!
    Yeah, I tend to joke around alot and be taken seriously. xD
    I'm watching Soul Eater at the moment. Great anime series!
  5. yes black butler is frickin awesome!bassie is smokin! you are like to confusing today!and shes happy to have another friend....and dont try to be cool let it come naturally!
  6. I'm doing very well confusing you today. :P
    I typed *type more stuff* because you wrote * lays on friends ankle*.. I wanted to be cool too D:
    I wrote hello friend because you typed * lays on friends ankle*, so I assumed your friend was there.. :P
    Black Butler any good?
  7. oh yay i know another world of japanese!!! types more stuff? umm , well i started black butler II... what do you mean hello friedn?
  8. Means cool in japanese. xD
    Yes, I doo'z! *types more stuff*
    Watching any cool anime's?
    Hello friend!!!
  9. sugoi? haha you envy me! * lays on friends ankle*
  10. So cool! Sugoi!
    I am envious. xD
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