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Conversation Between Zainox and Arrisu

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! :3
  2. Ahh cool! We are just starting to get into summer here. Not looking forward to it.. D:
  3. Lol. Thanks. Yui is the cutest.~ >w<
    And I'm good, recentely came back myself from
    a 2 monthes MIA during summer.
  4. Yush! I'm back!
    It's definitely been awhile, but hopefully I'm back for good this time! :3
    I do, I do remember you! According to my history it's been nearly a year since we last spoke.. D:
    How have you been?
    I find myself oddly entranced by your avatar. *Q*
  5. your back. c:
    do ye remember me?
  6. Yay~ Thank you. :3 Good luck and if you have any questions, you can ask me whenever you want.
  7. Ok, I applied.. :S
  8. The next game is gonna start really soon~ You should sign up on the thread. xD That's why I asked you in the first place. Hehe.
  9. Sure, I will join the next one. Give me a head's up when it starts!
  10. Well this would be only my second game, and it's rather easy to catch on. At least go check out the rules and how to play. It's all there for you to read. :3
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