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Conversation Between Zainox and Ezza Obsuna

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  1. Thanks.
  2. Back, earlier than expected. :P
    I like the avatar and sig by the way!
  3. ^^.
  4. ok then 5 things I cant live without.... Music, money or I would be dead.. I'll think of res later.. Of to a mates place.. I will probably message you when I get back or tommorrow. Nice chatting with you, bye!
  5. o.O
  6. Ohh cant live without.. Why the hell did I think it was what you were thinking about.. @[email protected]
    Now thatI think about, it dosent make sence then, either did the 5 I have.. I have been really vauge today.. lol..
    Hmm.. cant live without ey..
  7. Ok. Tell me if you have any other idea. It's funny that you're the one thinking about what "I" can't live without.
  8. Yay, I actually helped! lol. Hmmmm, what else... What else... I'm not sure.. I'll get back to you with that one..
  9. Oh good. Thanks so much! Music is the fourth one.
  10. Why thankyou!
    Music? School, if you go? Work, if you go? I dunno....
    Im sure they will come to you sooner or later anyway. ;D
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