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Conversation Between Zainox and aether

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  1. Cheers mate
  2. Congratz to the successful proposal!!!
  3. Fair enough mate

    The job on the model is very nice, the paint doesn't go over where it shouldn't so on that basis its okay however its that stand that would really put me off from getting it. If you did get it then I would make sure its far away from any heat source so that the stand area doesn't become warped.
  4. Thanks! I decided to Pre-order it. :3

    I was thinking of getting this one too. Though I remember you mentioning about stands and I was unsure of this 1 foot one. Also I am bad at telling if the quality/paint job/modeling/etc looks good or not. ~
  5. That's about average for price wise on that type of figure however I have found it slightly cheaper here

    Not by much granted but it is cheaper
  6. Hello my go-to-man for figurines!
    I have another figure I would like you too look at, please. :3

    What do you think of quality wise of this one? I really like her but not 100% sure how nice she is compared to others her price. Thanks! x3
  7. It is a very good series to be honest and I would highly recommend that you do read it

    Indeed I did lol
  8. 20 volumes isn't too bad. May look into getting it. I remember I saw a chapter trailer in a book once, was still unsure on it.

    Haha, lucky! You picked a winner. ;3
  9. Yeah Blackcat is very good and being only 20 volumes in the series it gets to the point in each volume, unlike in some where it is just pointless filler.
    That is very true indeed

    I do have a fiancée and she doesn't seem to mind at all, in fact she finds it quite funny when I do get a new female cosplay outfit. She just ends up rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter
  10. We have the same except for Blackcat. Is it good?
    You also smash me in terms of amount of figures. xD

    I think I remember you saying you had a wife or a fiancee? What's she like with your hobby?
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