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Conversation Between Zainox and Kaitou+

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  1. Haha, better later than never I suppose. :P
  2. Only took you 9 months.
  3. Yeah, I thought I should finally stop being lazy and actually do it. xD
  4. Of course. And lol I just got your friend request as well.
  5. Could even play Destiny if you wanted, assuming you got your for the PS4?
  6. Ahhh yeah. Well, I'm still up for it. Hopefully the connection won't be too bad, my online via console has been bugging out lately. :/
  7. WE never played J-Stars together as we originally planned to.

    If you want to, we can still play sometime soon.
  8. Sure!
    But currently unable to connect (properly) to the internet from my room. I'm moving in a few weeks, so once I get the interwebz up and running in that house, I'll be able to marathon online battles all damn day! >
  9. Add me: SalamanderKnight

    The netcode is mad horrible though.
  10. Oh, sweet! Thanks, this will become so damn handy!
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