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Conversation Between The Nightingale and Gizoku

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  1. hi thar. :3
  2. IT FEELS WEIRD. I been graduated for like... I donno... few weeks now. I feel sad and lost and BLAAAH! I was sick all last week to but then I had a convention and stayed with my boyfriend all those days and got home last night! I won two amv awards and we won best group cosplay for our Dragon Age cosplay! I have an internship next year then I am going to New York Film Academy.
  3. I think it's the greatest thing to happen, graduating I mean, not getting sick haha :P
    What are you going for after you graduate?
  4. Oh gosh it is ._. I have marching practice today and the senior last assembly tonight and oh my gosh I cannot even believe it... I am in like a daze! I feel sick though in the midst of all of it -.-
  5. Mysssssstery
    xD What! Is it already that time already?!
  6. Life is something that is a great mystery to us all! It can be quite hectic or purely lazy. Mine sadly, is beyond hectic. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I GRADUATE THIS WEEK! I AM SO BUSY!
  7. What's a life again? I must have missed that definition xD Cause I sure as hell don't have one either.
    -gasp- ;_; I need to go to one soon.
  8. it's cause... BLAH. I HAVE NO LIFE! BUT... Yes... Yes I did > and I had fun! *Flails*
  9. 8D It's okay, hope you come on more often when you get your internet up at home! D: You went to AB, WITHOUT ME ;_; haha just kidding, how was it?
  10. I'm sorry! I have no interwebs at home, so I have to use it at school, but I was on Spring Break all last week and at Anime Boston! I will be getting it back next week though! How are you?
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