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Conversation Between The Nightingale and Kaitou+

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  1. Oh hey what's up?
  2. hi. c:
  3. Ahh! Thank you so so much! Well if you wanna talk to me you could add me on skype
  4. Happy Birthday.

    It'll probably be a decade late when you read this, considering your activity.
  5. Tysm <3 That's about all I do here now, come on every other month and change stuff then leave again. xD
  6. You always been having cute sets. =3
  7. Ohh not much sitting in my room rotting away this summer. Being all stressed. You? xD
  8. So what's up? x3
  9. Hey! I've been trying toooo. Though I'll never be as active as I use to be. xD
  10. Hey friend. I see you're getting on more and more. xD
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