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Conversation Between ~Shobu~ and Hollow Ichigo

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  1. Yes it earned a lot of my respect for that alone....then the weapon structure and the build of the world is interesting. RP worthy....A sniper-scythe....FTW
  2. I actually just watched it last night! It was interesting but Monty Oum is a frickin genius when it comes to action sequences.
  3. Yes is a weird little show. The first few episodes are online now if interested. I was planning on having Christopher's first performance being another RWBY Jeff Willams song. I excited about this sooooo much.
  4. I just realized what that music you posted in your character sheet was from. I knew since the moment Monty Oum joined Rooster Teeth that something like RWBY would happen. It was just a matter of time!
  5. I'm really glad you're back! I missed you! How are things?
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