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Conversation Between ~Shobu~ and JinxiBear

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  1. Yaoi paddle! *le smack*

    Yeah, yeah... I know... I really need to stick to this site. I always wanna' join a rpg here but I forget that I even signed up... or nothing interesting is listed.... or nobody is taking new people.

    Anyways~~<3 Love ya girly! Can't wait to get that phone call from ya'! o(≧▽≦)o
  2. double post woot.

    love your pf pic btw
  3. Rawr
  4. Hey Shobu. Just like I told you, I'm getting back on AF. I, at the moment, have nothing better to do with my life. lol. I added you as a friend as well so.....ADD MEH! <3

    -Akito :3
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