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Conversation Between Vintniv and Balance

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  1. Vodka? For breakfast?!? EXCELLENT IDEA OLD SPORT.
  2. This page contains a large amount of STINX.
  3. I'm back to remind you that you stinx. Kthx. Perhaps we'll converse again some time soon for whatever reason. Oh and you stinx.
  4. Ah, there are a few that I can think of. I'll let you know the next time I catch you.
  5. Oh Balansu, dont ever change. And by the way, dont hesitate to call in that favor for asking Hama for me. I have very many PSDs and resources if you need. Or anything else that might cross your mind.
  6. To the person below: You don't know this man the same way I do. And I know that he stinx.
  7. Serated stinx
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